Competition Drag Truck

comp drag teaserWith some work over the winter the truck came out running a strong 10.5 quarter mile, ending the year with a quick time of 10.03 and a number of first place wins in the NHRDA including CANADIAN points champion and overall NHRDA PRO STREET WORLD CHAMPION!

Over the winter of 2010 the Bruno Drive was pulled from the truck and sent to Whiteville, Tennessee for a re-design to make it a one of a kind locking style convertor. The next year of racing brought a year of testing and re-designs to get it to lock and stay locked down the track. When things came together the truck rqn 4 passes in one day at 9.7 seconds and 147mph...with some tuning and testing the little red truck and HDR Racing are now running 9.17 at 147mph and it is the FASTEST COMMON RAIL IN NORTH AMERICA that has its home at ARMOR INC Diesel & Suspension!!


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