Dyno / Sled Puller Truck


comp puller teaser

ARMOR INC. had an vision in mind for a long block engine install; with custom built cylinder head that would support bigger valves, porting and heavier valve springs along with a set of Dodge Cummins ‘off-the-shelf’ pistons and R&R Racing Products, Armor Inc was able to install a beast of an engine. With a little creative flares, ARMOR INC. planned to run a big single to compare how a Big-Boy Sled Puller, a Steed Speed manifold along with a external waste gate would hold up with a spray of NOS. With a diverter supplied by BD Diesel and a custom triple disc convertor manufactured by Precision Industries our truck was now equipped. 

At ARMOR INC. we like to diagnose any problems that may occur, our skilled technicians had a look at our long-block engine determined that the truck was not spooling correctly due to tuning issues. Supreme Diesel was hosting a ‘Dyno Day’ and we wanted to be a part of it, so with everything packed up, ARMOR INC. hit the road to support Supreme Diesel, located in Sexsmith AB.

Arriving at the Supreme Diesel event, we wanted to bring on the friendly competition so we aimed high for a 500-600 RWHP. After our first pull, a score of only 378 RWHP we knew at Armor Inc. we can pull BETTER than that. So, we decided to pull it off the rollers, downloaded new programmer software and took our beast of a truck for a test drive. We came back to the stage and showed the crowd what ARMOR INC. is capable of, pulling in a grand total of 720 RWHP!!

For our first Sled-Pull, we let our truck stay underweight, with no traction bar, we wanted to see the results. So, we hooked up our truck, spooling without any issues and gave it all we got! It had TONNES of power and wheel speed, but found there just wasn’t enough traction and weight. ARMOR INC. couldn’t leave it like that, so our next pull we were ready with an added 900lbs of weight traction bars, but the transmission just wouldn’t shift properly. Keeping the positive attitude at the event, Armor Inc. decided to put all the chips in and tried again at another pull this time shifting into 3rd gear, we made it 10 meters short of first place. 

During the 5th Annual ‘Dyno Day’ at Armor Inc. was ready to come back with power! Aiming for high RWHP, Armor Inc. was up for the challenge and ready to use a small amount of NOS and tuning our programmer we raked in a pull of 802 RWHP!  We left the crowd speechless!

And that was just 2012! We have lots more in store for 2013!