Dyno / Sled Puller Truck

ARMOR INC. prides itself on quality work, after a few years and countless hours of upgrading our ‘little’ red race truck. ARMOR INC. decided it was time to break out with our new truck, to show all our hard work and have a little fun during a ‘Dyno/Sled’ pulling competitions. ARMOR INC. hit the scene with our beast during local ‘Dyno Days’ and entered the sled-pulling world; we haven’t looked back. 

With this new window of opportunity, Darren Harris, co-owner of ARMOR INC., took on a new project; a retired 2004.5 Dodge Club Cab 3500, just shy of 500,000km and 10,000 hours on the engine. A goal of 4 digit RWHP (rear wheel horse power), Darren wanted to turn this relic, into a reliable sled puller. The transmission was an in-house built Heavy-Duty Racing transmission, so Darren focused on the engine, tearing down the engine block too reveal a well looked after diesel engine in need of some TLC.

comp puller teaser

Competition Drag Truck

In 2008 ARMOR INC began the build of what would become one of the most competitive diesel race trucks in NORTH AMERICA!! Co-owner of ARMOR INC. Darren Harris wanted to build a truck that would show up at events, race all day, be competitive and drive it on the trailer when the race day was done, NOT push it on... thus HDR racing was born. This truck would become a one of a kind running a Common Rail 5.9 Cummins, backed by a Bruno Drive/Lenco transmission FULL ON funny car, set up rated for up to 3,000hp. It was a huge learning curve to the get the transmission set up to put the power to the ground with a 4,000 rpm motor compared to the 8,000 plus rpm of the funny cars of today. In its first year it came out running a 14.0 second quarter mile and finishing out the year with an 11.5 second time.

Competition Drag Race Promo Photo