Rock Buggy

Dave Green, brings on another amazing accomplishment the motorsport division with his diesel driven rock buggy. Codenamed, ROADKILL, Dave Green’s buggy is equipped with a 5.9L Dodge Cummins diesel engine, a standard transmission and showing off the gassers Dave shows the world how it's done south of the border! Dave Green was picked by the readers of the magazine, 4 Wheeler, to compete in the ‘Top Truck Challenge’ in California. With the help of one of our mechanics, Russel Penman with engine tuning, Dave Green finished 1st in the in the off-road competition, and was the first to enter with a diesel engine equipped with agriculture tires, Dave left the competition in the dust!

In 2011, 4 Wheeler magazine brought back the past 20 champions, and invited them to complete in the Tough Truck Challenge to see who was the overall champion of the 20. ARMOR INC. Diesel & Suspension was pumped to support Dave Green and his buggy, ROADKILL. During the 2-day competition Dave Green’s buggy worked flawlessly, placing first in different obstacles and within the top ranks of others ROADKILL was the top leader on the board and first overall. We at ARMOR INC congratulate DAVE GREEN on his hard work and having a badass rig!