Icelandic Truck

We had a customer come to us and said he wanted us to make his truck look similar to the jacked up icelandic trucks he seen on the web. So we took his 2008 F350 that had 8" lift and started measuring. We had to put a lot of work into figuring out how to make this truck fit 46" tires and have very little wheel well gap. So with a lot of bodywork and a lot of imagination, we made them fit. Now our challenge was to make 46" Mickey Thompson tires that are mounted on 20" American force rims drive good. With a lot of sweat, swearing and tears, she can drive 130km/hr down the highway and looks Badass!!!

  • icelandictruck46" Mickey Thompson tires
  • 20" American force rims
  • dirt logic dual steering stabilizers
  • Bushwaker cut out flares
  • Custom front and rear bumpers from Bulletproof Bumpers.

Plus this truck already had installed:

  • H&S mini max
  • 8" Fabtech lift