Agent Orange

Jamie from RJ Siding in Central Alberta came to us and said "I just bought a 2012 dodge 2500 and I want 40" tires make them fit". As most know Dodge is not famous for responding to BIG lifts without having steering issues like the crazy death wobble or bump steer. So we decided to take the 8" BDS lift which we have done and steering issues were not an issue. We tried the 40's and there was not enough clearance so we then installed a 3" body lift and KAPOW all the clearance we needed! We then bolted on bumpers, flaps, lights, winches, removed the emissions, added some power and AGENT ORANGE now rolls down the road with loads of power and drives like it did the day it came off the lot....zoom zoom.

  • orange hdr smallBDS Suspension
  • Performance Accessories
  • Bulletproof Bumpers
  • Armor Inc Flaps
  • Smittybuilt Winch
  • Toyo Tires
  • FUEL Wheels
  • RBP steps
  • Recon Lights
  • 50hp DDP injector nozzles
  • H&S tuning
  • FLOPRO Custom 5" Dual Exh
  • AURORA lights
  • Train horns
  • Tonneau cover
  • Tinted windows
  • Tinted Headlights
  • Box rails