Armor Inc offers many services across North America, locally we handle any diesel pick up dream you can think of. From simple brake jobs and oil changes on your daily driver or service truck to stock engine and transmission builds to 2000 horsepower full on competition trucks that can compete on any level throughout North America. Need a larger turbo, need a smaller turbo more suited to the job, need a cummins in your Ford, need more stopping power, a truck that will tow your loads easier or just simple tune ups we can do it all.
Diesel performance services


Whether we’re talking about changing the seats inside your car, replacing the upholstery or changing the whole look and functionality inside your vehicle, we know how to do that. Our experts will help you pick the ultimate coloring scheme, materials such as leather and other nuances for your new interior…

Engine and transmission services


There are very few things worse than getting into an accident and damaging either the car’s body or the car’s parts… That is why we’re always on a standby here, waiting for your call to immediately start the rescue operation for your vehicle! Our pro mechanics and our vast stock of replacement parts guarantee that your car will be as good as new!

Suspension, tire, and wheel services


Engine, suspension, exhaust, brakes… you just name it – and we will enhance this vehicle’s part performance by a few times! We specialize in turning any kind of a regular car into an almost sport-grade like a roadster, with our workshop being known for applying effective heavy modifications to any make or model’s “insides”!

Schedule maintenance and fleets


Enhancing and empowering your car’s wheels and underbody is crucial. That will allow you to enjoy driving so much more! Our workshop offers Custom Rims, Alloy Wheels, Chrome Wheels, Black Rims, Spinners, Off Road Wheels and many other types of wheels, rims and tires…