Emission Deletes & Maintenance

Full Emissions Deletes and Maintenance Packages for the Daily Oilpatch Rig and Full Competition Trucks


Towing power for your holiday trailer, hot shot trailer or all out sled pull competition we have you covered!!

Diesel Performance & Maintenance...

From daily driving to hard oil patch life to better fuel economy to more pulling power we have the knowledge and the parts to get you where you need to go….from simple tuners, exhaust and air filters to injectors and turbo upgrades.

Emission Delete Systems

DPF,EGR and UREA Delete Kits

We carry a full line of emission delete systems for all light duty Ford, Dodge, and Chevy/GMC trucks. Increase your HP and Torque, while safely increasing your milage by as much as 3-8MPG!

*for offroad use & race vehicles only.

Emission Delete Systems - no emissions

Kits Available From The Following Partners

ARMOR INC. was created with the intention to revolutionize the truck and Jeep performance industry, there are many competitors, but we are here to meet or exceed the expectations of our customers! Stock vehicles work, but they are built solely based on keeping the cost down and for those of us who are diesel enthusiasts our demand high and we want more out of our vehicles. Whether ride quality, performance or horsepower, we at Armor Inc. understand your needs and are here to help design your dream vehicle.