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DPF,EGR and UREA Delete Kits

We carry a full line of emission delete systems for all light duty Ford, Dodge, and Chevy/GMC trucks. Increase your HP and Torque, while safely increasing your milage by as much as 3-8MPG!

*for offroad use & race vehicles only.

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Armor Inc.'s Premium Performance Services

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ARMOR INC. was founded with the aim of transforming the truck and Jeep performance sector. Despite the competition, our mission is clear: to consistently surpass the expectations of our valued customers. Stock vehicles serve their purpose, but they're designed primarily to minimize costs. For diesel enthusiasts like us, however, our expectations are high, and we crave more from our vehicles. That's why at ARMOR INC., we're dedicated to meeting the demands of the diesel community by delivering performance enhancements that go above and beyond. Whether it's elevating your ride's smoothness, unlocking unparalleled performance, or unleashing raw horsepower, we at Armor Inc. understand your needs and are here to help design your dream vehicle.

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