Schedule Maintenance & Fleets

Armor Inc. is proud to employ and support our fully certified diesel automotive mechanics that have the experience and knowledge in both performance and regular maintenance on vehicles.

If your vehicle needs a simple oil change, front end work, brake repair, gear swaps, t-case rebuilds, engine swaps, or a vehicle inspection, Armor Inc. is able to do everything in-house. We’re prepared to handle fleet vehicles to the single vehicle owner; we offer a full line of services to keep your vehicle ready for you.

Working alongside numerous companies with fleet vehicles, we can design a maintenance schedule for you or follow an existing program. With unit numbers, we can provide a complete history of work that was completed and future maintenance to be covered to keep your fleet production running smoothly without interruptions.

With years of experience, Armor Inc. is aware of common defects and recalls of each vehicle manufacturer, making downtime for your vehicle less stressful and getting you back on the road quicker. Many vehicles come with a factory warranty, but if manufacturers keep replacing poor-quality parts every time with poor-quality parts, this causes a lot of headache and downtime for you. Armor Inc. has taken the time to research the best options and aftermarket parts to replace faulty parts so that in the future, if there is a premature failure, we’re ready to handle it. Many of the products that we sell have replaced with a lifetime guarantee, so the only costs that incur are only for labor.