At ARMOR INC, we extend all of our aftermarket manufacturer warranties onto you, the customer.

Whatever the manufacturer has stated for warranty, ARMOR INC will back it 100%. We also promise to help our customer deal with any matters to the best of our capability! There is enough experience, knowledge, and technical ability within our ARMOR INC staff to diagnose the issues and problems you may be facing. However, we can also tell if it is due to faulty manufacturing or abuse. We know that your truck or Jeep are pushed to the limits every day, so that is why we handle and sell only quality products. Tell us EXACTLY what you are going to be using your truck or Jeep for so we can supply you the product that will get the job done and get you back on the road again!

ARMOR INC does not pay for any car rentals, hotels, loss of use, or any other costs due to failure of product or workmanship unless otherwise dealt with prior to with the owners of the company! We take the time and effort to deal with the right consortiums to handle any issues from customers or manufacturers. ARMOR INC takes pride in its workmanship and has signed up with Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council (AMVIC) to ensure our customers that their vehicles will be taken care of to the utmost of our capability!

To receive workmanship warranties on any suspension installs, we ask that you, the customer, bring the vehicle back for inspection and re-torque at 1000km, 3000km, and finally at 5000km, which must be performed at the ARMOR INC shop. This will enable us to check if any problems are arising and solve them before they become larger issues. This will allow the customer to express any concerns on the product or service issues. All wheels require a re-torque at 125f/lbs to manufacturer specifications.

Please DO NOT let problems go unaddressed. Call us, bring the vehicle in, and let ARMOR INC. take the stress out of vehicle repairs!!