2015 - 2019 Powerstroke 6.7L

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Part Number Description
6.7 STOCK Ford 6.7L 15-17 Injector: Stock power level injector. Every internal component replaced with new OE components.
6.7-50 Ford 6.7L 15-17 Injector Set: 20 percent over, will improve fuel economy and increase power by 50-70 RWHP over Stock.
6.7-75 Ford 6.7L 15-17 Injector Set: 30 percent over. Recommend custom tuning for best drivability, performance, and MPG but not mandatory. Not recommended for frequent heavy towing applications unless vehicle is equipped with larger than stock turbo(s).
6.7-100 Ford 6.7L 15-17 Injector Set: 45 percent over. Requires modified fuel system, turbo(s), and custom tuning. Not recommended for towing. Sold as a balanced and matched set.